What’s really going on

Pinch me, please. I have no idea if I am awake or not. Rona has us all spinning a bit, right? I can’t figure out what I should be spending my time on. After getting on my kids’ case for schoolwork, chores, and fitness, I emotionally lack the capacity to take on any more challenges. So, I am not part of the social media madness where people are showing off their perfect workout routines and accomplished home improvement projects. I am fucking exhausted and would like to finish the book I have been trying to read for a month.

I am learning to be more kind to myself. I thought that with all of this “free” time, I would get a lot more done than I am. Truth is- I am not getting much done. I have not started a single project on my looming list of shit-to-do in my house. All I am getting done is day-to-day operations like cooking, cleaning, and laundry. But, when you’re home ALL DAY LONG, you’re eating 3x a day, so the housework you acquire is a lot more than when you were in your regular work schedule.

I just wanted to say to all the mothers out there, feeling like they aren’t doing enough- you are. And if you don’t get one thing done from your list, that’s fucking okay. Save your sanity. Take care of your mental health. Staying home with kids is not work the weak. And if you haven’t thanked your kids’ teachers, you should. They are fucking saints for putting up with not just your kid (s), but like 27 other kids evert day. all day. for 9 months.

Dear teachers, you deserve a raise!

Published by RaggedyRiches

Mother of two Teenage Daughters, Grad Student, entrepreneur, dog lover, probably doing too much...

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